2023 ‘Be Happy and Celebrate’ Exhibition

HUGE THANKS to the super talented Kirsty Procter for exhibiting with us this January!

Her exhibition titled ‘Be Happy and Celebrate’ was the perfect way to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

Here’s more about Kirsty in her own words…

”Born and bred in Lancashire, I’ve spent some time away but in the end, I eventually settled back near home in the North West of England.

I mean, I love the north, almost as much as I love sewing!

I started sewing when I was a child, and have always been into any kind of creative craft. Over the past few years, I’ve reined in the many hobbies and really focused on my dressmaking and, more recently, quilting.

It really got going when I discovered some amazing fabric designers, and it’s no secret that I’m a little obsessed with Tula Pink fabrics!

Although, these rarely make an appearance in my projects because they are far too pretty to cut up and use… they are for the fabric stash to love and cherish! 

photo of quilt made by Kirsty Procter, textile artist
photo of quilted jacket made by Kirsty Procter, textile artist

Sewing is my release, my escape, my passion. I love that it’s just a hobby for me, and I never intend to sell anything I make.

I’m still part of the sewing community in my job, but I love that my own sewing projects are my release time from the day-to-day tasks in life.

I have great sewing pals whom I chat with daily, and such great support and encouragement for every project from my family, fella and friends.

I’ve not ventured far from sewing in my career, and although I don’t sew for a living, I do sell sewing machines. Yes, you read that correctly! I do get some funny looks when I tell people that my job is selling sewing machines.

Aged 16, I started working weekends at Lords Sewing, a Brother machine dealership, specialising in all things machine embroidery. Over the past 13 years, I’ve been to uni, had another job, but in the end, I came back to Lords Sewing.

Now, I part-own the business with Angela Lord, and feel so proud to be part of a long-standing, family-run business with the most amazing customers.”

You can also find Kirsty on Instagram