Group Exhibitors Terms & Conditions 2024

By applying to take part in this event you are agreeing to the following:


  • Applications are accepted from Groups who have been invited to attend.
  • All applications to participate in the event are made by fully completing and returning the online Booking Form.


  • Your attendance at the event will be confirmed via email.

Raffle Prize Contribution

  • Although there is no charge for a Group Exhibitor space, a donated prize for the Visitors Prize Draw will be gratefully collected on the day of the event. 
  • The prize must be new and something suitable for a stitcher / quilter and have a minimum value of between £10 – £20.

Event Set Up

  • Your Event Information Pack will be emailed to you 2 weeks prior to the event.

Event Take Down

  • The venue will be open to the public from 10am to 4pm, Traders and Group Exhibitors are not to begin packing their display/products away or leave before 4pm.

Stand Information & Allocation

  • Each stand includes either one table & 2 chairs or two tables & 4 chairs. Each table measures 120cm x 68cm (4ft x 2ft 3in approx).  Please arrange any other requests with the organiser as part of your booking prior to the event.        
  • Group Exhibitors are expected to use the vertical space behind the table(s) provided to display their work preferably on a quilt stand.
  • Stand allocation is at the discretion of the organiser.  Requests for       specific locations can only be considered once all the bookings are confirmed and cannot be guaranteed. Please note: you may not be in the same space as on a previous attendance.
  • The venue has requested that Traders and Group Exhibitors do not move tables or take additional ones without prior booking. The layout of stands is submitted to and agreed with the venue prior to the event date.  Please contact the organiser if you have a query on the day.
  • Group Exhibitors are welcome to sell used books/magazines only from their stand. If any other items wish to be sold, please discuss with the organiser prior to the event.

All Traders & Group Exhibitors are responsible for

  • ensuring they have adequate public liability insurance.  Proof will need to be submitted.
  • the appearance of their stand and must ensure any rails, racks etc fit behind their allocated stand area. 
  • ​considering Health & Safety issues during the setup / take down and regularly inspecting their stand for potential hazards.
  • displaying their products and any display equipment safely.
  • disposing of their own rubbish and ensuring that their allocated space is left clean and tidy, leaving only the furniture provided by the venue.
  • ensuring electrical items they use have been PAT tested.  Proof may be requested.

Promote Your Attendance at the Event

  • The key to a successful event is the promotion of it, therefore all Traders and Group Exhibitors are expected to promote their attendance at the event  eg on their websites, mailing lists, posting on social media, sharing the events posts on social media, word of mouth etc.
  • The organiser will provided Promotional material (paper and electronic) to support this promotion.
  • Your Group will be featured on the event website, social media and Google to promote their attendance at the event. Sharing these posts also helps to promote the event.

Additional Information

  • The venue now has Wi-Fi and the password will be provided on the day.

I look forward to receiving your completed Booking Form (click here).